Our Pumpkins Don't Need Lasers, but We Include Them Anyway

It's a tradition dating back all the way to 2018.
Skeptical? Yeah. 

But you won't have to guess which house is ours. Besides, everything is cooler with lasers. Even pumpkins.


West Linn Pumpkin Display

It all started in 2013. My wife challenged me to a pumpkin carving contest. I applied the pattern, poked a bunch of holes, and carved a nice raven that beat out her squirellcat carving. The neighbor kids took notice of my carvings and proclaimed that I had the best carvings on the block. From there it snowballed...20, then 40, then 100, and now more than 200 carvings. The lengths we go to for a little attention.

Come See Us

Our display is held each year during the last weekend in October and Halloween from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 

Our address is 2885 White Salmon Ct. in beautiful West Linn, Oregon.

Meet Our Team

We love to invade your memories